Futuristic, Sustainable Made In Italy Men’s HEMP Apparel

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Futuristic, Sustainable Made In Italy Men’s HEMP Apparel. First bio-tech JACKET and PANT made of patented new fabric, from OPERA CAMPI brand. The Italian experimental brand Opera Campi has launched two new modern garments: a jacket named “H-JACKET” and a pant named “H-PANT”.

They are made of a new, innovative record-breaking fabric called “H-EMP”. “H-EMP” is an internationally patented italian fabric made after 10 years of research; The fabric is “bio-tech” because is composed by 92% natural premium Hemp and 8% by a blend of Lycra and bioplastic material; The fabric and the garments are the first idea of making a sustainable product, yet looking smooth and futuristic; The garments have been tested in laboratory following ISO & UNI standard, demonstrating a record-breaking breath-ability, an excellent thermo-regulation property and an excellent durability;

No iron, anti-odor and 10 more features; Designed and created by 25 years old inventor Alberto Ziveri read more here https://www.operacampi.com/





italian experimental brand Opera Campi




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