Nano Powered VAI WATER CBD + H2O Is Must Have Water To Drink

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Nano Powered VAI WATER CBD + H2O | Water VAI Water is structured for optimal delivery, potency, and bioavailability.  VAI Wellness uses superior technology and advanced production processes to create a line of high-quality CBD infused products that truly aid in the health and wellness of its users. VAI Wellness products revolve around the mentality of always pushing through, “Going Forward” and providing the all-natural benefits of CBD for those intending to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Husband & Wife Team of VAI WATER CBD + H2O Water is on to something big!

Their Water aims to:

Hydrate, Restore, and Revitalize your mind and body. Made in the USA. Buy here at

Our editorial news team found this amazing tasty water at this years 2021 Emmy Award Gift Lounge.

Our editorial team deem it necessary to drop by a few lifestyle Emmy Gift Lounges kicking off this weekend. One of our favorites is hosted by Doris Bergman. For those of us who know Doris, she is well respected and valued in the entertainment communities from Hollywood to New York. This year she continued the momentum with hosted the 11th Annual Luxury Lounge & Luncheon at the American-Mediterranean restaurant La Boheme. Nominated celebrity talent and media came out to show support and review what’s new and innovative in the world of great brand products you can use daily.

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Kaleef D. Thompson, connect with this amazing product and event photographer at

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