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mood33 was created for people seeking smoke-free cannabis experiences to enhance their diverse lifestyles and consumption preferences. Inspired by ancient herbal remedy, Ayurveda principles and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, mood33 cannabis infused sparkling tonics were developed by organic beverage pioneers and life-long cannabis advocates to celebrate the plant’s mood enhancing health benefits and wellness-inducing qualities.

mood33 offers refuge for the stressed, sore, and under-rested people of today through a combination of synergistic herbs, terpene blends and mind-and-body nourishing cannabis extracts. We infuse triple-lab tested cannabis oil into each mood33 beverage for those seeking to enhance their diverse lifestyles with a smoke-free, drinkable cannabis experience. We remove the risk of overconsumption as seen with other edible cannabis products with reliable, consistent dosing and by leveraging improved cannabinoid absorption techniques, typically resulting in quicker onset within 15 minutes after consumption.

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