The Best CBD Infused Face Masks From Mantra Mask

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Founded by skincare expert Kim Wellen, Mantra Mask makes natural, high quality skincare accessible and affordable for all. One of the first to bring sheet masks to the market, the company harnesses the power of naturally-derived vitamins and herbal botanicals in a convenient, easy-to-use beauty mask. Mantra Mask is formulated without parabens, sulfates, dyes and other harmful chemicals by Dr. Hal H. Simeroth, Ph.D. Known for advancing the skincare industry over the past four decades, Dr. Simeroth adds his scientific expertise to Wellen’s powerfully positive spirit, resulting in a dynamic team committed to natural skincare for all.

Mantra Mask’s new product, CBD-infused facial masks are here to STAY!  CBD is known for numerous benefits, Anti-Aging, firming, tightening, rebuild skin-plumping collagen, reduces inflammation, detoxifies skin, calming redness and reducing the appearance of pores.

The Celebrity Skincare Hack for Glowing Skin, Now Enriched with Multi-Tasking CBD. Natural skincare brand Mantra Mask debuts line of CBD-enriched sheet masks for potent skin rejuvenation

New from Mantra Mask comes five skin-nourishing beauty masks enriched with multi-tasking CBD oil. One of the first to harness the power of natural ingredients in a sheet mask, Mantra Mask aims to “nourish your skin… and your soul.” Free of parabens, sulfates and other harmful chemicals, the highest quality ingredients keep skin at its best while the brand name itself inspires positivity that radiates from the inside, out.

Now, Mantra Mask combines naturally-derived elements with one of the hottest beauty trends to create a mask with powerful skin healing properties. CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from cannabis and well-regarded for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature. Containing no psychoactive THC, CBD oil is 100% safe to use and contains all of the healing aspects of the plant with no euphoric “high.” Analgesic and vitamin-packed, Mantra Mask’s new CBD-enriched options carry cellular-regulating properties that help skin repair and rejuvenate naturally.

CBD Anti-Aging lifts, firms and tightens skin. CBD Collagen rebuilds skin-plumping collagen and reduces inflammation with over 22 amino peptides. CBD Blemish detoxifies skin while calming redness and reducing the appearance of pores. CBD Repair soothes and calms dull or damaged skin with rejuvenating vitamins and botanicals. CBD After Sun revives tired skin and reduces damaging free radicals with 10 herbal antioxidants.

Renew skin and nourish the soul with Mantra Mask CBD sheet masks, just $15 each. Try all five or curate a personalized combination and maintain glowing skin with a monthly subscription box for just $35. Visit to shop and learn more about the company’s commitment to natural beauty for all. Follow on Instagram @MantraMask for updates, chances to score free products and tips for living a beautiful life.Mantra.

Masks will now be sold at Urban Outfitters and Anthropology!

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The Best CBD Infused Face Masks From Mantra Mask

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