What is Clean Beauty?

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Clean Beauty is a phrase that is bandied about a lot, but what does it mean? And what is a company promising when they make this claim?

To Pangea the company, there are several non-negotiable factors that must be present in order for a product to be considered “clean.”  First, it must be made without chemicals shown or suspected to harm human health, especially synthetic ingredients (including synthetic fragrance).

Second, has the Pangea team share it must be cruelty-free. Third, ingredients must be sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. It will also be gluten-free, organic, and vegan. We are proud to say that all of our products fit into these categories. *Note: our Lip Balms do contain organic Beeswax. Read more here as we support there initiatives in the eco-friendly world of good products.

Read more here https://pangeaorganics.com/blogs/pangea-blog/clean-beauty?utm_campaign=1.27.21%20Clean%20Beauty%20Blog%20Post%20%28TJTR8c%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=KL%2090%20Day%20Engaged&_ke=eyJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIkNGakV5MiIsICJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJlZGl0b3JAdGhlcG93ZXJwbGF5ZXJtYWcuY29tIn0%3D


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