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HEMP 90 PRO, Yes To 27 Grams Per Serving

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Evo Hemp’s made-in-the-USA 45% Hemp Protein Powder is a perfect plant-based protein powder to promote healthy and strong muscles, and healthy brain function. This easy-to-digest protein powder is gentle on the system and it assimilates properly due to raw enzymes in the hemp.

You get 14 grams of vegan protein in every serving of Evo Hemp 45% Protein Powder, along with 7 grams of fiber plus an addition 2.6 grams of omega-3 and omega 6. All of this nutrition is packed into just one 30-gram serving our pure hemp protein powder.

Enjoy our hemp protein powder in baked goods, smoothies, dips and pastas. Make muffins and cookies with it as well as raw candies and energy bars. Mix it into a protein shake with plant-based milk and fresh fruit. Add it to salad dressings and more. It has a mildly nutty flavor that’s a perfect addition to a variety of foods.


evo hemp, hemp 90 protein

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