CBD Expo 2019

CBD Expo NorthWest For June 2019

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CBD Expo NORTHWEST 2019 is the largest CBD event platform to broadcast your products with the community and share your CBD knowledge with the industry. This event will feature more than 75 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, technology, production, globalization, and sale of CBD products.

NORTHWEST 2019 are Innovations in Technology and Medical Trends with a welcoming twist on Broad and Full Spectrum! Check out the panel topics in the schedule. This event will have plenty of demonstrations and workshops to attend. Dr. John MacKay is hosting an Extraction Workshop to share his cool tools and tech, NICE Corp is sponsoring a DIY Mixology Lab to educate about making your very own CBD products, Keiko Beatie is opening a forum for Senior Citizens and Caretakers to discuss the benefits CBD, and CBD Chefs will be providing samples for attendees to try, all highly educational and fun. Open to the public, everyone is invited, from entrepreneurs and professionals to casual consumers. Dispensary and mainstream store buyers will also be in attendance!

SAVE THE DATE, June 28th-29th, 2019 in Motif Seattle, Washington. Learn more about their events here at https://cbdexpo.net/