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California’s First Cannabis Industry Apprentice Program News

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Grupo Flor has launched a pilot program of California’s first professional in-house cannabis apprenticeship program. The program will provide the company’s employees with mentoring and management training while gaining hands-on experience in the entire supply chain including nursery, cultivation, oil extraction, product manufacture and assembly, wholesale distribution and retail operations.

“We initially designed and disclosed the cannabis apprenticeship program in our 2016 cannabis application to the City of Salinas,” said Gavin Kogan, Chairman of the Board of Grupo Flor. “Since this industry has never existed before, professionals trained in the entire supply chain simply don’t exist,” says Kogan, “So we are setting out to create one-of-a-kind employees that are educated in the entire cannabis supply chain.”

In the company’s view, the program benefits employees, the company and ultimately, professionalizes the industry as a whole. Kogan hopes that other forward-thinking cannabis companies will create similar programs.

“When we applied for permits in the City of Salinas, we hoped we would have a chance to make good on that promise. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to now launch this program,” says Kogan.

Grupo Flor’s apprentice program is overseen by an executive committee that sets selection criteria and qualifications and is run by a program administrator. Once fully implemented, all of the company’s employees will be eligible to apply for candidacy. The pilot program officially launches July 22, 2019 and will include an Immersion Phase that includes roughly 30+ days working in each business unit followed by a Mastery Phase of one year in the participant’s preferred business unit. After graduation, participants become salaried employees with commensurate benefits, wage increases, and expanded job growth potential.

 For more information about Grupo Flor, visit https://grupoflor.com/.


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