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CBD Is Infused In Just About Everything

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The infused and naturals sector is creating a whole new sub-category in the multibillion-dollar beauty and wellness markets. These include new and natural formulations for common categories. An early mover in this arena is The Yield Growth Corp. who are making real headway in anticipation of legalization.

The Yield Growth Corp. has several major brands to provide a portfolio in the developing CBD space. Under the brand Urban Juve, they currently support a set of nearly 50 products that are launching in 2019. Based in Canada, the company has already completed 26 Health Canada registrations. The initial launch will consist of base products only. All of these products may offer CBD infused or THC infused versions in the future.

The Yield Growth Corp. also has granted CROP Infrastructure Corp. the rights to distribute Urban Juve products in Italy. CROP Infrastructure Corp. grows, produces, and sells cannabis products. They currently have a foothold in California, Nevada, and Washington State and have recently expanded into Jamaica (acquiring over 200,000 square feet of fertile cropland), looking to capitalize on the ideal growing conditions there.

The Yield Growth Corp. is taking a unique approach where It can sell its base products nearly anywhere in the world and then capitalize on any market that has legalized recreational use of THC or CBD as they roll out – reference information from PR newswire.


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