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Which CBD is right for you? Many of you know Brooke Alpert, as a registered dietitian, nutritionist and author, but we are so excited to share her as your resource for all things CBD. As licensed cannabis practitioner, Brooke can provide guidance, whether it is an oil, powder, pill, or vapor.

Here are some of her favorite CBD products that are proven effective by science:

Charolette’s Web Hemps Original Formula CBD Oil

“This was the first CBD product I ever bought and it was for my husband. It was his positive reaction to this that led me to want to learn more about CBD and ultimately lead me to start my own business. I’ve also been recommending this product to my anxious clients who are emotional eaters; it’s been very successful in helping them.”

Plus CBD oil capsules, Raw/Red softgels

“After learning more about what CBD could do for my husband, I followed the advice of a doctor I personally know. He recommended these soft gels, which helped with his peripheral issues. He’s still seeing positive results. Now, I recommend them to my clients who have chronic pain issues.”

Wildflower Vaporizer

“My favorite part of this brand is that they utilize essential oils. Full spectrum CBD contains something called terpines, which are what gives essential oils their fragrance so it’s a lovely way to vape. Vaping has a very quick effect so you’ll feel it pretty immediately. I like to joke that this can help get a “chip” off your shoulder when you’re about to pick a fight with your spouse.”

Not Pot CBD Gummies

“I rarely recommend gummies (vitamin or supplement) because they’re often filled with more sugar than nutrients.However, these are delicious, vegan, quality CBD and contains no artificial ingredients. I also love their work with The Bail Project too.”

We are live with the first full spectrum CBD powder!

– water soluble, full spectrum, 3rd party tested –

Brooke is a licensed holistic cannabis practitioner. Brooke’s disabled husband, Todd, suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease which makes every day tasks challenging. After trying every option there was, Brooke bought him some CBD. The changes were noticeable immediately and Todd was able to be more present in their families lives.

Brooke decided to learn more about CBD, getting certified as a holistic cannabis practitioner and started using CBD herself and with her clients in her private nutrition practice. She found the anti-anxiety benefits helped suppress emotional eating. The real challenge was finding a product that she was comfortable recommending. That’s why after years of research, Brooke has created the first water soluble CBD powder on the market that meets her strict criteria and is safe and effective for everyone to support overall health and wellness. 


CBD, Health