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Bloom Farms Launches All-Natural, Organic CBD Line

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Hemp-Derived, Full-Spectrum CBD Products to be Available Nationwide; Sales Will Support Bloom Farms’ 1-for-1 Meal Program. BLOOM FARMS, one of California’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality cannabis products and a 1-for-1 company, announced today the launch of its Bloom Farms CBD product line.

Bloom Farms has built one of the premier cannabis brands in California through its commitment to pure, clean cannabis and social responsibility. All Bloom Farms products originate from responsibly run farms and are free from additives, pesticides and artificial flavors or colors. The Company is committed to the communities it operates in and to supporting the longstanding culture and values of California’s cannabis industry. Bloom Farms implemented a 1-for-1 program in 2015 through which each sale of a Bloom Farms product results in the donation of one meal to a California or Nevada food bank — with a total of nearly 1.5 million meals provided to date.

Now, Bloom Farms CBD will bring this commitment to quality, purity and community — along with the health benefits CBD has long been believed to provide — to consumers across the U.S. Bloom Farms CBD is all-natural, full-spectrum and USDA-Certified organic. It is extracted using a proprietary method that preserves the original terpene and cannabinoid profile of the source plants. It is derived from hemp grown biodynamically in ultra-clean, healthy soil on a farm that employs zero-waste cultivation techniques and is non-intoxicating as the hemp has been bred to produce less that 0.3% THC.

CBD is the hot ingredient of the moment but consumers need to understand that not all CBD is created equal,” said Sallyann Parker Nichols, President of Bloom Farms CBD. “Bloom Farms is committed to quality and purity because we believe clean CBD with a naturally complete terpene profile is what will help people realize the many benefits they expect from CBD.  Consumers will be hard pressed to find a CBD like this anywhere else.”

Bloom Farms CBD’s first products include the Balance and Relief tinctures which contain 300 mg ($65) and 600 mg ($95) of CBD respectively. These products and additional information are available to consumers in 45 states in the US through www.bloomfarmscbd.com.

Blooms Farms also plans to make its CBD line available through high-end retailers, health clubs, medical offices and other outlets and expand its offerings into additional delivery methods such as balms, gelcaps and vape.

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